Lilô, the bike shelter

Projet Lilo vélos

Promote green mobility in cities by reinventing a way to park bikes securely.

In France, one bike is stolen every minute. We estimate that each year, 6% of urban bikers are victims of bike stealing, and on average a quarter of them are recovered by authorities. In a context where soft mobility is a real societal and environmental issue, the promotion of bike is blackened because of this barrier. It is also, in our research, the main barrier just before usury, degradation or also practicality of parking a bicycle.

Our main motivation was to find a way to encourage people to use bikes in urban zones, as it’s a healthy way to travel good for the planet and for health. And what better for that to answer to the main pain points discouraging them to acquire a bike, and at the same time discouraging people who already have one !

Some numbers about parking bikes :

35 seconds

it’s the average time needed to steal a bike protected by an anti-theft.

12,6 millions

of collective housing inhabitants don’t have an access to a secure bike parking

So, what is Lilô ?

It’s after a qualitative and quantitative research with our potential users that we decided to focus on the 3 main pains : steal, degradation/usury, parking.

Lilô is the secure and individual bike shelter that blends into the city. Adapted to short and long parking time, this shelter is splitted in multiple boxes fully locked so the bike and its equipments are accessibles only for the one who rent the space. Because the shelter is fully closed, it also protects from severe weather. Lilô vocation is to implant shelters in strategic places : close to residential and commercial neighborhoods, universities and office buildings, and in downtowns. They are designed to promote intermodality.

We wanted to create a unique solution that answers a key need in the use of bikes, and for what no real answer is given right yet. So, compared to bicycle hoops or collective shelters, Lilô offers many advantages :

  • Individual spaces : each Lilô is split into small units, for more serenity
  • Easy integration : with dimensions of a parking space, each Lilô can host 6 bikes. Designed as a prefab, it can be placed and move easily.
  • CSR approach : a durable product, regularly maintained and eco-friendly made with environmentally friendly materials. Lilô shelters also have vee roofs.
  • Connected : easy-to-use, anyone can book a space from the Lilô mobile app. But don’t panic, it's not mandatory to use it !

Some previews of our work :

Plan 3D abri Lilô

The team behind Lilô : Alice Bernard, Floreine Rodriguez, Etienne Gautier, Sébastien Vendroux, Floran Knezevic.